A Smart Service to Declare Priority Shippings

We provide a service to declare shipments of critical goods at times of crisis in order to pass through priority lanes at border crossings. Our system is flexible and easy to set up and is intended to be used to minimize the impact of limited border crossings for the supply chain of critical goods.

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Closed inner-European borders during the COVID-19 pandemic are an unexpected disruption to existing supply chains that rely heavily on road transport. Currently, there is no system in place to prioritize shipments that are urgently needed. Therefore all transports need to be held at the border. We aim to change that.

We propose a system where governments can specify which goods should be prioritized, from medical supplies to livestock that cannot be in transit for long periods of time to shortages in their markets. Carriers can then declare the transport of priority goods and the borders they will cross.

They will then be able to pass priority lanes for transports that carry these goods. When a truck arrives at the border, the border agents will use the number plates to request information on the priority status. This includes the presence of a declaration as well as further possible signals to prove authenticity. The border agents can reduce their efforts to spot checks based on the server reply so important goods can reach their destination without further delays. 

Hassle-free handling

There is no need to stop to access paperwork

Informed decision-making

Understand the trustworthiness of each truck passing and act accordingly

Securely encrypted

Storing and transferring data on a blockchain ensures integrity and security creating a trusted environment

Easy to set-up

Flexible set-up and operations both in times of crisis and everyday use


A smart electronic declaration of priority transportations at border crossings, that enables shippers and border agencies to operate together seamlessly in times of crisis and limited resources.

BorderX Distributed Ledger Technology Model

Immutable data to allow auditing of declarations

Trusted entities can easily be implemented to sign accredited declarations, providing better information for border agencies

Flexibility: new layers of trust and priority can be added without changes to the central system

Data security: the declarations only reveal the information needed to perform the task

Our Solution for Carriers

Carriers can make declarations in the app to access priority lanes and provide preclearance if they are part of an eligible organization.

Their data will be safe and will only be accessed by authorized agents when they cross the border.

Our Solution for Border Agents

Border agents have very limited time to make decisions on who to check and who to let pass - we provide them with exactly the information they need in an actionable interface.

This way countries can keep their borders open for critical goods to reach their destination, while minimizing potential for misuse.


We are a team of 5 engineers with an average of 13 years of professional experience, from 5 different countries in Europe and Asia.

Growth oriented visionary with strong analytical & creative design-thinking skill sets. Engineer, Growth marketer, Supply chain & DLT expert, Manchester Univ

YUREE HONG Project Manager, Cargo & Business

Machine learning & DLT expert with a focus on privacy and security. Quantitative researcher on infectious diseases.
Google, Stanford Univ

ARMIN HAGHI Product Manager, System Architecture

Front-end developer & UI/UX designer has experience with Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Adobe creative suites & Analytics

ROBERT MARQUARDT Front-end Dev & Design

20+ software architecture & engineering experience with Java, Spring, JPA/Hibernate, SQL, Web services (REST & SOAP). Ex-SWIFT, EC & EP

CALIN COSMA Back-end Dev, Data Architecture

Senior software engineer with 20+ years experience with .NET, Java, Angular, Python, SQL Server and Oracle. Currently working with European Commission

ALESSANDRO DI PIAZZA Back-end Dev, DLT Architecture

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